Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In the Advent of Adoption

Lord, thank you for a fresh reminder that Advent,the period of waiting, not only defines who we are waiting for, but also defines us...the people who wait.  We experience this season by expecting and preparing our hearts and hopes for the arrival of your son.  O Lord, will you give me wonder and...Advent Prayer:
This season, I realized something that I hadn't realized before:  We are in the Advent of our adoption.
Now what does that mean, you might be wondering... And even if you aren't, I'll still be telling you.

Advent, which is normally associated with the 4 weeks of waiting before Christmas. is a defined time frame, in which we as Christians remind ourselves of the world waiting for the Messiah to come to Earth for our Salvation.

For Mike and I, we are in the advent of our adoption.  We are still waiting to be able to start.  We know it is coming (eventually), but getting there is a journey.  Just like Elizabeth and Zechariah waited and waited for a child that came much later than either expected.  Just like Hannah waited for God to give her Samuel for her to give him back up to the Lord.  There was a wait that each had to go through: Their own personal Advent.

And that is what we are experiencing right now: the advent.

So in the coming months, we will be working hard to actually get to our adoption.  Between upcoming fundraisers, selling things, and working REALLY hard at work to get that money, we are going to work really hard to learn what our Advent towards Adoption has to teach us.

Merry Christmas!


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