Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Someday by Alison Mcghee & Peter Reynolds

Ask Mike, and he will verify this.  When we go into a store that carries books, I always go and look.  I will scan and take pictures of books I want for myself. But something I have been doing for the past year and a half is looking for our future child's library.  And I have officially bought the first book for Baby Brown's library!

Image result for someday book
Someday is a book that is for both parents and children, no matter how you have them.  And I love that.  It is about a parent imagining their child growing from infant to an old adult.  From counting their tiny toes to the child remembering their mother and father. 

But for me, it is more than just a story to tell our child.  For me it is a book of hope. Someday all this waiting will be over.  Someday we will have a least one child.  Someday we will tell our children the story of how they came to be, how they were always meant to be in our family.

Until then, I think I'll leave this beautiful little book out for all to see.  Just a reminder of someday.


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