Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Anniversary (And an Update)

Today is our wedding anniversary! And we have had a lot of changes in the last year. 

Besides the obvious (getting married), we have bought a house in a different town, moving a lovely 20 minutes away from Anderson, SC.  Cana changed jobs, leaving one that she had been at for almost a decade.  And we started saving up money for our adoption.  

At this point in the process of just saving for the adoption, we have been saving and gathering funds now since Mid-June.  We are at a whopping 28% towards our goal in just 3 months!  Part of that was using from former job paying out my  PTO, but some of that was from our loving friends and family!  As you know, we have already started with some basic fundraisers (t-shirt sales and and gathering items for the yard sale) and Mike trying to shave his head if we raise $1,000 before September 30th, but stay on the look out for the other fundraising events we will be starting after the new year.  

We want to thank all of you that are helping us, both financially and with the love and encouragement that y'all share with us. 

Mike & Cana

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