Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Painting In Faith

As people of faith, we are called to walk by faith, not by sight.  And as the semi-pessimist, semi realist, and rarely optimist person I am, I sometimes find the idea of walking by faith to be hard. 

And it is even harder when the one thing you want seems so very far away. 

At this point, I have been called out about that. A LOT.  So I'm taking some steps of faith without any promises towards the goal.  Those who have been following me on Facebook know that I'm re-doing the room that will be Baby Brown's bedroom, and for those who didn't know, here is the glorious journey of just painting ONE wall.  

The room started out with this horrendous pinkish-reddish monstrosity of a carpet and pinky-beige walls.  Nice, neutral, pinkish colors and I really hated it.
This beige room with the reddish-pink carpet... Bleh!
Also, the carpet was old, smelly, and stained, so Mike agreed with me to get rid of the carpet.... Actually, he said, "Whatever you want, baby." So I came home from work one day and started removing it.... :-)

Primed the floor, removed the baseboard.  What lovely whiteness
After several weekends of removing carpet, padding, staples, tacking, and everything else, Mike removed all the baseboards. And then I primed the floor white. *And the floor will be covered and not just stay white... I mean, there will be children in this room eventually, I know better than to leave it white ;-)!*

When deciding on what color to paint the actual walls, I went through a number of paint chips.  But then I saw this variegated color set.  And I automatically thought mountains.  I mean, it would be beautiful!  So grab a total of 30 sample jars of the paint colors I wanted, and started painting.

Four weeks later, the end result is just magical:

Finished product!
 Mike has dubbed the wall as the Teal Ridge Mountains.  And I must admit, that I absolutely LOVE it.  The next goal is to finish painting the room in the palest color, Valspar's Sprinkles.

Once the room is finished being painted, then I'll finish the floor, and continue to work at getting little things for the room.  Like curtains, curtain rods, little knickknacks and such.

So keep an eye out, I'll be posting more about Baby Brown's bedroom more in the near future as I continue to work in faith.


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