Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Update: Yard Sale

So, as you know, we had our yard sale on Saturday.  

This is about 2.5 hours into the yard sale... a few things sold

We didn't sell much by the end of the yard sale, but we did make about $64 day of.  Plus with a few things sold outside of the yard sale, by the end of the week, we should have over $100.  

Not bad for our first official adoption yard sale!  Especially when you consider how we live in a rural area.  

Rest assure, we will be having more yard sales.  We still have a lot of items still left over from this yard sale, and we will be continuing to sell all these items until we either get the money together or we sell it all.  Whichever happens first.  

We really appreciate all your help, prayers, and donations.  We couldn't have done it without y'all!

Mike & Cana

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