Wednesday, October 5, 2016

While Waiting To The Fullest

Life Quotes // Enjoy live:

We wait a lot in life.  We wait at traffic lights, for vacations, holidays, and even bathroom breaks at work.  And in the everyday, mundane waiting, we still live our lives.  What becomes hard is learning to live life when you are waiting on something special.  

In my case, I have been struggling to live life while waiting for us to get to our child(ren) through adoption.  There are some days that my life is completely consumed with the hows, whens, and wheres with the adoption.  There are some days that I try to avoid human beings and their families because it just reminds me what we are trying to get.  There are days that I question using our paychecks to pay for things that are necessary, but not necessarily exactly what we need.  And there are days I wish everyone would just stop living life with me.  

Yes, I have gone to the grocery store and figured out what a month of nothing but ramen and tuna would cost so I could put the rest of the grocery money towards the adoption...  Now, I haven't gone that far yet, I really like food, and I really don't like ramen.  BUT, I have considered it. 

Trying to live life is hard when the one thing that you desperately want seems so far out of reach.  So how do you learn, or re-learn, how to live in the waiting?  I mean, there is no real, easy answer.  It something that you have to decide to do.  Put the other thoughts on the back burner, and focus on those you love.  Find those activities that you loved to do before the whole waiting started.  Plan vacations.  Plan parties.  

And that is hard.  Trust me, I am preaching to myself as much as I am hoping to give hope to those of you who are in the waiting process.  It isn't easy.  But it will be worth it.  Because your friends, your family, your world will not stop living while you do.  

So, wherever you find yourself today in the waiting game, and for whatever you are waiting for, don't forget to keep living life.  


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