Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will Crochet For Adoption... And the People You meet.

While buying yarn for one of the many crocheted cocoon cardigans, I met a woman and her grandson.  We had a nice talk about yarn, and where to find a very specific kind for my cocoon project.  

She then asked me what I was making.  I showed her what it was, and told her that I'm doing it because my husband and I are trying to adopt.  

She then told me just snippets of her life:  That she was adopted, and that one of her children had just adopted through the adoption consultants that we are planning on going.  She advised me that I need to be ready, because when the match happens we might not have time to get things.  

I smilled.  It is amazing the people we meet because of what we journey we are taking to grow our family.


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