Sunday, May 14, 2017

To All Those Waiting, Happy Mother's Day

For those of us that are waiting, it is a hard day. In a lot of ways, we are the ones that feel forgotten, lost in the midst of all those who are blessed to have children.  And at times, the hurt and jealousy we feel to those who have children, that didn't seem to struggle like you or have lost children like is hard to ignore.  

Trust me, I'm right there with you.  And it hurts like nothing I can truly describe. 

The fact that I have sat in my car and cried after walking through the grocery store and seeing all the "Don't Forget Mother's Day" signs over the bakery and all the cards, shirts and gifts.  I have avoided Facebook, because everyone is posting their things about how they are such great mom's and all the things that their kids have brought home from school in honor of this annual holiday of honoring mothers.  

It probably doesn't help that our adoption fell through just a few weeks ago.  I'm still feeling that loss, and Mike & I are trying to heal from it.  

But today of all days can be hard, yet, we need to find hope.  Though I don't have children, I am preparing my heart to be a mother to whoever God blesses our family with.  Though I would love for it to happen today (You know, God, can you just put the child on our door step with a sign that says "Hi! I'm your child"?  I mean, I like clear understandable signs and miracles), I am trying my best to learn to wait in hope.

And I will be honest, it is easier to write those words than it is to remember this, to do this, every day.  But here is what you do.  Love on your spouse.  Take a walk.  Redecorate your house.  Decorate that room that will be where your treasures will sleep once you get them.  Volunteer somewhere.  Find things that will make you happy.  And NEVER give up that hope  that you will be a mother.

Happy Mother's day to you, my waiting friends.


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