Sunday, July 9, 2017


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Today as I type this, I have to admit it has been a rough past month. I have been sick, hospitalized, and had surgery (which I am currently recovering from). Through it all, we have continued to figure out how to save for the adoption, how to continue to follow the path that God has laid before us.
I wish I could say that I feel stronger, emotionally/mentally/spiritually, in regards to our path. But I don't feel that I am. I think I spend more time crying and praying that somehow this journey would be closer to the final goal. I sometimes wonder why it has to be so hard.
And sometimes I wonder if we have misunderstood God's plan.
Am I willing to give up? NEVER!
Do I wish it was easier? ABSOLUTELY!
But for any goal, there must be a struggle for growth. There must be pushing, a pulling, a struggle. Like the plant growing in a garden, there is struggle for sunshine from the dark ground, and there is a desire and a need for that sunlight. It knows it is there, even though it can't see it yet, but the sun is there shining down just waiting for that beautiful plant to pop from the soil.
Right now, I feel like that plant that is trying to reach the sunlight. I feel that struggle.
And I know that I am not the only one struggling today. Probably a part of it is all the stress from my illness catching up on me. But what I do know is that if you are struggling today, know that you aren't alone. I am here, right along side you, trying to reach our sunshine.
So as you try to reach your own sunshine (no matter what or who that might be), may you reach it. Find the courage, the strength, and the hope to continue on. And know that I am cheering you on.


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