Thursday, June 23, 2016

Its a Crazy Life

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" 
Victor Hugo

For those who know me, you know how much music plays in my life.  If there is a moment in my life whether happy, sad, discouraging or invigorating, I will generally have a song for it.

Today has been one of those days that I have needed music to get me through the day.  So I thought I'd share one of the songs that helped me through today.

If all the stuff with preparing for the adoption wasn't enough, today I did another life changing decision.  I put in my 2-weeks notice at my job, and accepted another job.  I held my current job for little less than a decade.  But with my current company being sold, we felt that it was no longer a stable enough job for me not to start looking.  And if you seek, you will find.

But the total chaos of it all is more than how long I had been there or the friends that I had made.  It is the change.  It wasn't easy to make this decision, but I'm stepping out in faith that we made the right decision.

Now, it is remembering that no matter how crazy things are, just breathe.  It won't necessarily change the circumstances or make everything miraculously better. But it does help me find my center.

So go forth into this crazy life.  And when it gets too much, just breathe and find your center.


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