Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fundraisers and My Patience Level (or Lack there of)

If you know anything about me (That is, Cana), then you will know patience is not my virtue.  Just ask Mike, I have no patience.  I don't wait well, I never have.  I do a bit better if I have a timeline, but sometimes it just makes things worse.

But that is the thing about adoptions, there is no time frame on which everything will be completed.  No 9 month time line there. But, I guess after YEARS and YEARS of avoiding asking God to grant me patience, He decided to give me a lesson in it anyways.

So we started working on what fundraisers we are going to do to help me focus on something other than the wait,  and raise money for the adoption.  We already had the page, but we realized that there are some people who won't use that to help.  So, we then looked at other options and started working on the next 2 fundraisers: Yardsale and T-shirt Sale!

For the t-shirts, we are using Bonfire, a site that allows a campaign for up to 21 days...

We picked the primary to be in Tahiti Blue (Because Tahiti is a magical place! *Geeky Smile*), but we also have Espresso Brown, Light Pink, Heavy Metal Gray, and Cardinal Red.  If you are interested in a t-shirt, click here!

Mike also created a CafePress store to sell a t-shirt design he came up with for our adoption.
This one is my favorite style shirt... 
The great thing about CafePress, there is no time limit on how long you can sell something.  But is more than just shirts too... So you probably need to just check it out in all it's glory.  For the CafePress Store, you can Click Here!

But, we also decided we are going to do a yard sale.  Because we live so far out in the middle of no where, we are trying to figure out if the Jockey Lot will be our best option, or if someone will loan us their yard for the yard sale.  Also, anyone who might have items to donate, we would appreciate it as well.  Our goal is to do the yard sale in October.

And these are just the fundraisers that we could think of that we could easily do. We are hoping between now and January, we will come up with the next set of fundraisers for the new year, if we haven't reached our total goal.

So while I am starting to learn what patience really means, I wanted to let all of y'all know how thankful I am for all your help, support, and thoughts/prayers.  And even if you can't help financially or with a donation of items, I know that you are thinking of us, lifting us up in prayer, and giving us support in the ways that you can.


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