Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reaching Out Through The Struggle

So this past Sunday, we have visited the same church now for 4 weeks.  The other 3 weeks, service was ended with communion.  This Sunday was different.  There was a baptism.  

He was such a cute little boy, and the sacrament of baptism is always special.  

And I was hurting.  

Watching a happy family celebrating such a special moment, hurts sometimes.  But I did make it through the service without crying... I only sniffled a little and had some watery eyes.  

It was what happened afterwards that got to me most though.  

J*, a pastor's wife, had been one of the first people to great us and to try to get to know us in the short time there is at a Sunday morning service.  She looked at me after service, and she told me that she knew how special the baptism was, but she knew that I was hurting through our wait.  That she hasn't gone through what we are experiencing, but she has been there for others who have.  And she hugged me.  

To be honest, I was shocked that someone had taken the time to recognize that it is hard for anyone going through adoption to see a happy family with children.  She didn't belittle me or my feelings, but reached out to remind me that this wait is only temporary.  

So today, on this lovely Wednesday, I want to encourage you to reach out to those you know are hurting.  Show them that they aren't alone.  Remind them that there is someone there, whether it is to listen or just to give a hug.  


* All identities are preserved until I'm given permission to use their names.

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