Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Open For The Joy Of It

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So I have spent the past 3.5 months doing nothing but crocheting.  Cocoon Cardigans, beanies, slouch hats, messy bun beanies, Christmas ornaments, and a few other things.

My favorite project so far has been an infinity scarf for a little 3-year-old girl.  Her mother and I had talked about what she might want, and we agreed that the little girl should pick out her yarn.  On the Sunday when we did the yarn exchange, I measured her for the scarf and watched as she kept touch the yarn.  She was so excited, but in some ways she had no idea what was coming.  She only had a picture of what the yarn would look like when knit/crocheted.  She didn't know what her scarf would look like, feel like, or how it would fit around her neck.  She only knew she had to wait to get her scarf.

Less than a week later, it was Christmas Eve, the scarf was ready (with an extra surprise of a matching ear-warmer headband), and I had it in my lap as Mike & I waited to see the family of the little girl.  When they came up, the little girl just stared at her scarf.  She knew what it was, she had been dreaming about it probably the whole week with the way she looked at it.  She was so excited that in the warm building she rushed to put on the scarf, and when people greeted her, she showed it off.  She was so happy, so proud, so joyful at finally having her scarf.

Looking back, I see a lot of similarities between that little girl and I.  We both had something that we had an idea about what it will be and we had a wait time.  While the little girls was only a week (though for her it might have felt like millions of weeks), Mike & I are still waiting for our joyful moment just to start the adoption.  And it will happen.  We are just having to wait. And I know that when that moment comes, I will be just like that little girl.  Excited, joyful, sharing with everyone who comes near me the joy that I am feeling that we finally can start the official paperwork and process.

So just remember in the waiting it might be hard, but there is joy ahead.


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